Welcome to our first blog post on our brand new website.

This one we will be focusing on Embroidery for Small Businesses, we support many local businesses in the Tendring area and further a field.

Every order is different, we are asked all the time for quotes, but if you can imagine every order we have is bespoke, when stitching a logo there are so many things to consider like how many stitches the logo is, how many colours, how complex the design is, how long it will take to sew…..

To be able to give accurate quotes we need to know at least the following:

  • What is your logo?
  • What size do you want the embroidery?
  • What items and quantity are you ordering?

We work with so many businesses, one recent 5* review we received is below:

So happy…. as a new business we had a vision for our uniform tops but struggled to get them right! Printing on sea made that vision a reality… lovely quality tops and fantastic embroidery work.. brilliant service that we highly recommend..

Looking forward to placing our second order

Thank you 😊 – Shelly – Taylors Visison     

We love to work with businesses who either have a logo and want to see it stitched out, or don’t have a logo and want to create something unique for their business.

If you would like to discuss Embroidery for your small business please get in touch.

You can view some of our work on our social media pages